5Rs and The Knowledge Partnership, working together to support reputation in education

The Knowledge Partnership is one of the few specialist university marketing and communications consultancies in the world, known for data-driven insight and reputational analysis. Founded by David Roberts, Louise Simpson and Stephen Holmes in 2004, the consultancy restructured into two companies, trading under The Knowledge Partnership brand.

Today, schools and higher education educational expert, Dr Stephen Holmes has launched 5Rs, a specialist consultancy serving clients internationally. His company will no longer operate under ‘The Knowledge Partnership Australia and Asia’ name.

The Knowledge Partnership (managed by Roberts and Simpson) will continue to support universities with international research and consultancy and The World 100 Reputation Network.            

Stephen Holmes of the 5Rs explained the name change:

“The Knowledge Partnership started as one company, and then evolved into two separate companies because of our different locations. We have now decided to launch a new consulting company, 5Rs, which will continue to offer reputational research and strategy for all educational institutions but with a greater focus on schools.”

David Roberts, Managing Director of The Knowledge Partnership welcomed 5Rs:

“Stephen Holmes and his team bring unique reputation insights to education marketing, and his new venture is one we fully support. Despite departing from The Knowledge Partnership name, we have a lot of shared heritage and expertise and we hope to be working with The 5Rs on some exciting new global projects!”

You can visit the 5Rs website here