University Market Insight Awards 2019

The University Market Insight Awards 2019 recognise the value of research and market intelligence in higher education.
These biennial awards are exclusively open to universities, HE providers and sector bodies.

You are welcome to submit entries centred on any topic of your choosing. As examples, your entry could be about:

  • Improving marketing and communications practice and efficacy
  • Enhancing or designing student services or the student experience
  • Supporting university strategy or strategic initiatives
  • Designing or evaluating proposed new education provision

Awards winners will be eligible for one free ticket to Day 1 of the 2020 University Market Insight Conference.

Awards will be given to submissions that best demonstrate the value of research and market intelligence. Your submission needs to:

  • Demonstrate the use of a suitable approach/methodology
  • Provide evidence of effectiveness and impact

Entries will be judged by our independent panel. Judges TBC.



TBC - Open for entries

TBC - Deadline for entries

TBC - Finalists announced

Weds 4th December - Awards presented and winners' case studies presented at Day 1 of the University Market Insight Conference, Birmingham



How to enter

Entry is free, but to be eligible you must be a delegate at our University Market Insight Conference 2019


Your submission should cover the following:

  • Background & aims (200 words max): Why there was a need for research or intelligence gathering, the business challenges or issues to be addressed or questions answered, target audience(s) and objectives for the research
  • Approach taken: (500 words max): What approach was taken & why? How was the methodology adopted designed or tailored to answer the issues at hand? What challenges or issues were encountered and how were these overcome?
  • Impact and outcome: (500 words max): How was the insight or intelligence gathered then applied? What impact(s) has it had? What changes, if any, have resulted from carrying out the research and how have these been valuable to your institution? Tip: successful entries are those that measure results against the initial desired outcomes.
  • Why should you win (100 words max): This is your opportunity to convince the panel as to why you believe that your entry should receive an award


If you have any questions or queries relating to the Awards please email