Easter Eggs-travaganza

Foreseeing the Easter bank holiday weekend, the Easter bunny visited the TKP office early and didn’t disappoint! An Easter egg hunt with a competitive edge; our two teams raced their way through cryptic clues and ridiculous riddles to beat the other to the finish line. It was a close one, and winners or losers everybody got an egg. Although, as the Green team will vouch, chocolate is sweet but victory is sweeter!

See some of the brain teasers form our hunt below!...

  1. I contain words and words contain me // First figure this out, then think where might I be?...
  2. A place you'll find potatoes, but not the sort you cook // I don't live in the kitchen - come and have a look!
  3. I have keys but no lock // I have space but no room // I allow you to enter, but not to go in
  4. I travel all around the world, but never leave the corner. // What am I?


 Scroll down for answers…






1. Letter box

2. Couch

3. Keyboard

4. Stamp

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