Ensuring your students become the graduates that employers want to hire

As higher education has become more expensive, so graduate employment has become an even more critical measure of value for parents and students, and a factor when choosing where and what to study.

It is disappointing that when asked: “How well did your higher education experience prepare you for employment?”, only 33% of DLHE respondents in professional jobs said “very well”.

Supporting students to enable them to secure good jobs is a priority to universities. Having courses that are aligned with the needs of the graduate labour market must be a part of the strategy for achieving that goal. The problem has been that labour market insights have been too generic to be applied where real impact can be made – at subject and course level by schools and departments. Information is also seriously out-of-date.

Graduate Voice is an ongoing research programme capturing the reflective experience of graduates up to 5 years out, supplemented by interviews with those directly managing new graduates. It reports, on a subject of study and occupational basis:

  • The tasks and activities employed graduates are actually engaged in
  • The skills they perceive to be the most critical
  • The HE experiences felt to be the most valuable
  • Whether they have the knowledge required to succeed in their current field       

Graduate Voice emerged from consultations with UK university clients who highlighted the dearth of robust applicable graduate labour market information to inform course development and review. The GV instruments, process and reporting approach have been subject to a number of pilots with volunteer post-92 and research-intensive universities.

Graduate Voice is available to a maximum of 20 university subscribers who will have exclusive access to this powerful new intelligence. Benefits will allow these universities to:

  • Optimise employability by applying specific insights to refresh courses
  • Peer benchmark careers interventions based on reflective graduate feedback
  • Measure how extra-curricular opportunities enhance graduate employability
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders that the institution is serious about employability
  • Enhance TEF submission
  • Enable students to access insights from graduates from their department 

A full dummy report is available – based on Computer Science, it uses aggregated and anonymised data from the pilots we have conducted. Please contact k.roberts@theknowledgepartnership.com for a copy or for further information.