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Syndicated subscribed-to projects are an ideal model for delivering valuable insights to a group of clients with common interests - but at a price that ensures optimum value-for-money. The syndicate model answers research questions that for one client alone would require a programme too large in scale and out of scope in terms of budget.

Over the past 12 months we have been listening to the issues and questions that clients across the sector have been raising so that we could locate the most common, nagging questions - the gaps in market intelligence that mean that universities and colleges are perhaps using budget unwisely or not designing or delivering service in the most market informed manner. 

In response to this, we have developed CollectiveIntelligence, a new research programme of syndicated opportunities for the higher education sector.

2016 Research Project: The EU Student Market - Insights for the Post Brexit Era


The first CollectiveIntelligence research project provides a 360-degree view of EU student recruitment, with primary research engaging over 3,000 EU prospects, current students and alumni and providing insight from frontline staff. Secondary analysis looks at trends in the make-up of the EU student population and recruitment by UK universities and evaluates universities' online marketing against a scoring system developed specifically for this research.

The Key Questions Answered:

  • Will the UK be seen as being as welcoming to European students as it was before the vote?
  • Will probable changes to tuition fees and funding have a major impact on the volume or nature of the study body we attract from Europe?
  • How prevalent is paying “UK home fees” using subsidised loans amongst the main factors that motivate EU students to study in the UK?
  • What motivates EU students to study in England over cheaper options in the UK and overseas?
  • What are EU students’ specific needs, academically and financially, and how do these differ to those of UK and non-EU students?

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