Course Viability Reports

Providing market intelligence at individual course level.  Using criteria agreed with the client we evaluate a range of data to create a unique market analysis focused on a specific type or set of courses.

How could a Course Viability report help your organisation?

  • Test a new course concept to assess the size of the existing market and its growth/decline within particular study modes.
  • Assess competitive intensity for existing/prospective courses through establishing which of your corporate competitors are active in the course area and comparing their performance to the national picture.
  • Identify potential course-level competitors outside of your corporate competitor list.
  • Help with setting entry requirements though exploring undergraduate student quality and accessing information on the average achieved tariffs of students admitted onto competitor courses.
  • Help with tuition fees positioning through accessing information on fees at nominated competitors or other benchmark institutions.
  • Benchmark the performance of an existing course against other institutions in the marketplace

The unique benefits

  • Not constrained by JACS codes.
  • Data is thoroughly cleaned and assessed for relevance, to ensure like-for-like programmes are compared.
  • Integration with our Tuition Fee Benchmarking Tool of current courses.
  • An experienced team used to working with HESA Student Record data, integrating other sources and writing detailed and informative reports.

Key Information


£1,900 for a full report covering one level of study. This covers data extraction, cleaning, analysis and reporting.

Discounts will be applied for course areas with limited data.


The client provides information on the course area for analysis.

We assess whether sufficient secondary data exists for a full report to be produced.

Together we agree a list of key words/key word combinations to use for the data extraction.

The client is invited to nominate a list of up to ten competitor institutions for closer scrutiny.


For more information or to view a sample report, please contact Janet Latham in our Research Team via email:

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