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Navigate UK distance learning education: courses, prices, and students  

The distance learning market has been one of the fastest-growing segments in global Higher Education. Growth will most likely continue as it is seen as a practical option for study both now and for the foreseeable future. Having an online classroom is critical for agile universities to extend their market reach across the world, as well as locally and into CPD markets. Every university needs to get the concept and price right and understand the opportunities for recruitment. 

Using a range of data sources, The Knowledge Partnership’s Distance Learning Compass is available to support your organisation in making effective market and pricing decisions, with high-level insights and interactive databases.

How can the Distance Learning Compass help your organisation?

  • Identify the latest trends in UK enrolments by subject and course to understand where to invest
  • Establish the right course titles, increasing the attractiveness of your distance learning portfolio to prospective students 
  • For UK based students, see how they may differ from your current demographic profile 


  • Optimise your revenue by setting fees based on market pricing 
  • Follow best practise learned from successful distance learning models internationally 
For £4,500 +VAT, the Distance Learning Compass is designed to help those involved with distance learning decision makingincluding DVCs, PVCs, Market Insight Managers, Directors and Heads of Marketing and Faculty Deans. 

To order your copy now, please get in touch with our Research Consultant, Adam Cresswell:

You will receive:

(1) Interactive Tableau dashboards featuring UK-based enrolment data from the HESA Student Record at a course and individual level and international student data from the Aggregate Offshore Record 

(2) PGT Distance Learning Course and Fees Databases for 2019/20 and 2020/21, collected by The Knowledge Partnership. The complete 2019/20 Database is available now. The 2020/21 Database is updated with new courses monthly and is expected to be complete in July 

(3) A report on distance learning trends, providing valuable context and insight into portfolio trends from the UK and overseas, including models of delivery, likely future demand and more. 

The Distance Learning Compass contains valuable data and insights through the use of multiple sources of data. The HESA Student Record and Aggregate Offshore Record, both used in the chart below, show that the market share held by The Open University and the University of London has fallen, while the share at other institutions has grown. There is further investigation into the students, institutions, and subjects of distance learning, including large and growing subject areas, titles of popular courses, student locations and much more.

The Knowledge Partnership's Course and Fee Databases will provide further detail into the types of courses being developed and will enable you to set market- and value-based fees for your distance learning programmes.

Finally, our report on market trends will highlight successful models of delivery at institutions well known for their distance learning provision, alongside analysis of new course developments and the future potential of the study mode.

To order your copy now, please get in touch with our Research Consultant, Adam Cresswell

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