SubjectView Reports

The SubjectView reports are individual guides to the headline trends in over 100 university subjects. They provide core information about the market size and trends for first degree and postgraduate taught study not only for principal subjects but also in the context of the wider subject group. For example Mechanical Engineering in the context of Engineering as a whole.

What key insights do SubjectView reports address?

Subject-level information split by study mode and level and how this differs to/aligns with the sector as a whole:

  • Market size and trends
  • Student profile
  • Active institutions
  • International Markets
  • League Tables and NSS

How could a SubjectView report help your organisation?

  • Identify new subjects in which to invest/grow.
  • Benchmark your performance against other institutions in the marketplace, including those within your geographic region.
  • Identify institutions which may be examples of good practice (those achieving strong cohort sizes and/or league table ranks).
  • Assess whether the student profile of a subject matches your corporate priority markets.
  • Identify target segments for marketing and build course/subject propositions.
  • Identify the key overseas markets and which HEIs are seeing the most success in accessing these.
  • Assess whether your undergraduate entry requirements are appropriate to the market.

Key Information

Data Sources Used

  • UCAS
  • HESA student record (enrolments)
  • NSS
  • League Tables


£690 for a single report covering first degree and postgraduate taught study


Discounts available on orders of 10 or more

For more information or to view a sample report, please contact Janet Latham in our Research Team via email:

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