The USA Student Market

Boost your American student recruitment and offset the impact of Brexit

Brexit signals a potential threat to the recruitment of European students, leaving a recruitment gap to fill. The USA is a market where domestically, students are used to paying high tuition.

Despite the rises in UK international fees, the cost of UK higher education for an American student remains a competitive alternative. A Trump presidency is also encouraging more US students to consider education in a more liberal environment.

The Key Questions Answered:

Combining UK and USA based research and analysis, we tackle key questions including:

  • Are there specific course types that act like a magnet to US students?
  • What motivated US students’ decision to study abroad and to choose the UK as a study destination?
  • How do US students/alumni rate their experience and would they recommend the UK? What has surprised US students about the UK and their Higher Ed experience – both positive and negative?
  • How do US students assess value? How do UK fees and costs stack up against domestic US tuition and costs across a range of HE providers?
  • What is the image of UK higher education amongst the key US audiences? Which UK higher education brands have market traction?


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