The Knowledge Partnership is an independent strategy, marketing and communications consultancy, supporting the higher education sector and universities with high quality, intelligence-based research.

We are specialists in portfolio optimisation, business and employer engagement, reputation consultancy and international development.

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Comprehensive databases of university courses - tuition fees, entry requirements, course URLs and more.


Viability Reports

These reports provide market intelligence and benchmarking information at individual HE course level.


Programme Development

Whether an innovative new course, new school or new student market, we have expert primary market researchers who can design bespoke studies to help you increase the chance of introducing successful new propositions.


Portfolio Analysis and Strategy

A market leader in course analysis and development. We work closely with senior staff to benchmark portfolios across faculties and institutions.

Map, compare and track the image of the UK’s leading university cities with prospective students

The truth is, we all need to be effective destination marketers. Find out more about our new University City Image Tracker service

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What do you want to do?



We are specialists in primary market research techniques and use these skills to produce evidence based conclusions that inform our consultants’ recommendations.



For over a decade we have helped universities across the world develop and maximise the impact of their internationalisation strategies.