Business Philosophy

Our business code: smart, casual.

We are not a sharp suited consultancy delivering text book “solutions” borrowed from another business culture. An authentic education marketing consultancy is one that creates new knowledge, models and methods fit-for-purpose rather recycling tired old theories that have no applicability to our sector.  

Our vision is to be one step ahead - anticipating challenges our clients are yet to face. We achieve this by being focused on the university sector so we understand both the evolving policy context and the student and employer markets. We work across the professional-academic boundaries, publishing academic papers and delivering workshops with professors.

At The Knowledge Partnership we want to be seen by our people as a stimulating, challenging and open place to work, and by our clients as the leading, most authentic strategic practice in the education sector - a consultancy they trust with their most important projects.

We believe the former leads to the latter. Having staff that are emotionally engaged in the business underpins their commitment to excellent service and makes their working life more enjoyable.

The Knowledge Partnership has a strong record of recruiting new graduates and coaching them in a challenging but supportive environment. We are committed to enabling our employees to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise and to own a specific area of practice. All our graduate entrants have to devise and execute their own piece of original research as part of their career progression.

We hope you find us to be insightful, that working with us is a positive but challenging experience and that our recommendations are beneficial to the long term value of the organisation and stakeholders you serve.

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Portfolio Analysis and Strategy

We are the only research agency to specialise in course analysis and development. We work closely with senior staff to benchmark portfolios across faculties and institutions.



Comprehensive databases of university courses - tuition fees, entry requirements, course URLs and more. 



audits and consultancy

Reputational audits and communications consultancy support university vision, stakeholder communications, and reputation management.


Viability Reports

These reports provide market intelligence and benchmarking information at individual HE course level.