Green Policy

At The Knowledge Partnership we are committed as an organisation to conserving the environment as best we can. We minimise the impact of all our activites on the environment - reducing waste and emissions wherever and whenever possible.

We have devised our Green Policy around the following key areas:

  • Travel - staff are encouraged to walk, cycle and/or use public transport where possible
  • Energy and water saving - e.g. turning lights and computer equipment off when not in use and implementing tap and toilet water savers
  • Recycling - we have recycling bins in each main room of our office building
  • Stationary and printing - we buy recycled goods and minimise the number of sheets needed to print
  • Cleaning - we use recycled and "green" cleaning products

In addition to our day-to-day policy, we organise an annual Green Week, in which we participate in activities centred around increasing our awareness of "being green".