Supporting The Arts

At The Knowledge Partnership we believe it is important to support the local arts. Through links with Leeds College of Art we have got to know students and have decorated our Leeds office with their art work.

Some of our favourite artists include:

Charlotte Beevor

Charlotte’s work looks at the harmonies and relationships between colour in various themes, therefore inspiring her to create unique palettes and compositions. This concept combined with her painterly style, mark making and illustrations creates a broad range of prints with unusual colour combinations as well as original artworks.

Julia Potter

Julia’s work is mostly mixed media; she experiments with materials and surfaces in order to progress rather than repeat. Some work includes a 3D element. She exhibits regularly and has an exhibition coming up locally at the Royal Armouries and The Pentland Gallery in Aberdeen.

Hannah Stacey

Recently graduated from Leeds College of Art Hannah is now a full time illustrator and interior pattern designer. She specialises in photo-collage and traditional print techniques to create colourful, witty and contemporary work.