THE UK Faculty Masterclasses

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Are you a leader at a UK university? Then don't miss our must-attend, complimentary Masterclass series at the end of March. 

The theme of this series will focus on faculty-level performance in the UK, with analysis including:

  • Subject-level data and performance based on THE’s World University Rankings
  • Reputation analysis for research and teaching, including voting patterns and demographics
  • Size and Shape: portfolio analysis, course efficiency, and strategy
  • Case studies: how THE empowers faculty-level advancement

These 1-hour sessions will offer a unique perspective into how [subject grouping] faculties across the UK sector compare, and where strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats exist. We will also demonstrate how some faculties are positioning themselves in the market, and the services that THE offers to support recruitment, talent attraction, reputation management, and strategy. 

Register for free for any, or all, of the sessions below:

Business & Law: 28th March at 9AM GMT

Science & Engineering: 28th March at 11AM GMT

Arts & Humanities: 28th March at 1PM GMT

Social Sciences: 29th March at 10AM GMT

Clinical & Health: 29th March at 3PM GMT


What do you want to do?



Comprehensive databases of university courses - tuition fees, entry requirements, course URLs and more.


Viability Reports

These reports provide market intelligence and benchmarking information at individual HE course level.


Programme Development

Whether an innovative new course, new school or new student market, we have expert primary market researchers who can design bespoke studies to help you increase the chance of introducing successful new propositions.


Portfolio Analysis and Strategy

A market leader in course analysis and development. We work closely with senior staff to benchmark portfolios across faculties and institutions.