Beating food waste with The Real Junk Food Project

On the morning of Wednesday 7th November, a team of us headed to Wakefield to volunteer at The Real Junk Food Project’s first social supermarket; Kindness. The Sharehouse, within which the Pay as you Feel supermarket is located, receives food from a variety of streams that was originally bound for landfill.

Throughout the morning, our team volunteered in three areas:

  • Receiving food for the supermarket and tidying up the shop front. This entailed sorting out food that was not fit to eat.
  • Creating ‘food boxes’ of waste food that will be sent out to the wider community, including families, a local church and their own community café.
  • Weighing and logging any received food into a database, stating the food group and the supermarket/restaurant it was received from

In the afternoon, we returned to our Leeds office and conducted some pro-bono marketing for their partner Fuel For Schools programme. Using our expertise, we created a flyer that can be taken into local schools in the Leeds area and beyond to promote their work in this area. More info about this programme can be found here:

We had a great day volunteering for Real Junk Food Project as part of our CSR programme, and were very happy to hear that the food we logged throughout the morning was enough to feed 733 bellies!