Students are more worried about online learning than Covid

Most students still want to start university this autumn, but those who want to defer express doubts over online teaching rather than Covid.

Higher education consultancy, The Knowledge Partnership, explored student attitudes to starting university in the light of Covid, including their views on changing courses, shared accommodation, subject choice, campus safety, and university communications.

Research showed 75% of students are still keen to go to university in the autumn, as they believe Covid presents a low risk to them.

15% of students who are considering delaying study by a whole year are not put off by safety concerns over the pandemic, but by online teaching. Students believe universities won’t be able to deliver online tuition very well, and question whether it offers the same quality or value for money as face to face teaching. As one student put it:

“I am concerned about how I will engage with a course entirely online. I hope I receive teaching that is up to its usual standards, but I have to admit I am sceptical.”

Student attitudes to starting university in light of Covid



The sample included 500 offer-holding students from all areas of the UK.


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