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Accreditations Report

Triple accreditation is perceived as the “golden standard” for UK business schools but does it have a direct impact on performance?

This report provides market intelligence on the performance of accredited and non-accredited business schools on key performance indicators. The analysis has been designed for institutions looking to evaluate the significance of their accreditations, and for institutions seeking accreditations in the near future.

The key questions answered:

  • Do accredited business schools enrol greater volumes of students?
  • Do accredited business schools attract higher quality students?
  • Does accreditation impact on international reach and student recruitment?
  • Do accredited business schools command higher fees?
  • Are accreditations more well recognised by MBA students?
  • Are league tables, mission group and accreditation interlinked?


£2,000 + VAT


BTEC Overview Report

A comprehensive overview of BTEC students, giving you all of the information you need to make
decisions about this growing market

The number of students with BTEC qualifications upon entry to Higher Education has grown considerably in recent years. One in twenty university applicants aged 18 held a BTEC as their main qualification in 2015 according to UCAS end-of-cycle data.

Our report uses 2014/15 HESA data to analyse this market from both a student and HEI point of view. It includes findings from a comprehensive literature review to provide the most up-to-date snapshot of this student group.

The key questions answered:

  • How have the qualifications held by students changed over the last three academic cycles?
  • How does the popularity of BTECs vary between different groups of students?
  • Do mature students also present BTEC qualifications and how are these students changing?
  • Which subjects have been most affected by the growth in BTEC qualifications?
  • Which institutions have the highest proportions of students with a BTEC qualification?
  • Which BTECs are used most to enter HE?
  • Do part-time students demonstrate the same trends as full-time?


£2,500 + VAT

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