Syndicated Research Studies

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Syndicated subscribed-to projects are an ideal model for delivering valuable insights to a group of clients with common interests - but at a price that ensures optimum value-for-money. The syndicate model answers research questions that for one client alone would require a programme too large in scale and out of scope in terms of budget.

Collective Intelligence

We are continuously listening to the issues and questions that clients within the higher education sector have been raising so that we can locate the most common, nagging questions - the gaps in market intelligence where lack of knowledge of the needs of the target market is holding back innovation.

CollectiveIntelligence is the title we give to these syndicated research programmes. The studies are likely to include both secondary and primary research and we will engage with our clients throughout the process. For example, in the past we have produced an extensive report on the BAME student market which showed the diversity of this market and how course marketing needs to consider specific issues to reach different ethnic minority groups and we ran a university City Image Tracker with a number of universities based in large UK city cities to compare the relative appeal of their locations and highlight the priority focus areas for marketing communications.

Market Intelligence Reports

We also produce one-off reports on topics of interest based on latest market intelligence to answer key questions on how the higher education market is changing. For example, in the past we have produced an analysis of the BTEC market and an analysis of how business school accreditation impacts student volume and quality. To find out more please visit our Market Intelligence Reports page.

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