International Consultancy

What do we do?

For over a decade The Knowledge Partnership has been helping universities in the UK, Europe and across the world to develop their internationalisation strategies.

Examples of past projects include:

  • Developing university-wide international marketing strategies
  • Using research in multiple countries to test student demand for a private medical school (including new programme ideas)
  • Researching the best markets for institutions to set up an overseas campus, presence or partnership
  • Testing the attractiveness of joint programmes across several continents
  • Identifying the priority international markets for international student recruitment strategies
  • Researching the demand for online programmes in specific countries
  • Developing strategies for international alumni

We also publish research on international topics, speak at conferences and organise events in the UK and overseas. We run training programmes on international marketing strategy, reputation and recruitment.

Who have we worked for?

Clients have included
  • Vice chancellors seeking solutions to university wide international strategy issues
  • Faculty deans who want to understand the impact of internationalisation and test demand for their subject areas
  • International directors developing international recruitment strategies
  • Directors of marketing developing international reputation and marketing strategies
  • We have also worked with government agencies including the EU and The British Council and with City Development Authorities in countries as diverse as Japan, The Netherlands and Israel

Why choose us for your next international project?

International expertise

We have a global reputation for understanding the needs of education institutions - far better than general market research consultants.

We have direct experience of working on a wide range of international projects

As the organisation behind the international World100 Network we work closely with the best HE Marketing Directors across the world.

Global Perspective & Reach

As a global agency, with offices across four continents, we have international reach and undertake research in multiple countries using our in-house team.

We have an extensive network of contacts across the world including Europe, North America and Asia which gives us direct access to global insights and perspectives.

Access to international data and market intelligence

Our findings are underpinned with factual research evidence from international data sources to underpin our recommendations.

Wide ranging international research capabilities

We are experienced in using a wide range of methodologies to find solutions for our clients. These include quantitative & qualitative primary research with all audiences 

Customised solutions

Every client has a unique set of aims and every project has different objectives so rather than a rigid off the shelf offer, we listen to the client from the outset to provide a bespoke consultancy service.

Please call Louise Simpson on +44 1223 362387  or email if you have any international consultancy enquiries.

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What do you want to do?


Viability Reports

These reports provide market intelligence and benchmarking information at individual HE course level.


audits and consultancy

Reputational audits and communications consultancy support university vision, stakeholder communications, and reputation management.